Movies by Kim Devenish

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In December 2007 we lost our friend Karl Beavis and this has prompted me to get the following two movie clips up onto the net


Click Here to view my Karl tribute.

Watch PING PONG - Song by Karl Beavis, puppets by Dusty and Max

Watch The Song "HOLD UP" by Karl Beavis performed by Karl and Dave


Other movies to view....

Watch Big Koala 1

Watch Big Koala 2

Watch Big Koala 3

Watch Leg Dance


The Big Koala Trilogy

Part 1 : 1’30” 2002 A look at a newspaper article marking the opening of the “Big Koala” to the strains of R. Strauss’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

Watch Big Koala 1

Part 2 : 1' 20'  2003  A look at the "Big Koala" souvenir matches

Watch Big Koala 2

Part 3 : 2 min  2004  A sad testament to the closure of the "Big Koala.

Watch Big Koala 3





Tussock Dance 3’30”     2002

Tussock grass sways to the tune of “Cu-cu-ru-cu-cu Paloma” performed by Los Paraguayos



Large and Unusual Vegetables 

3 mins. 2001

A  look at a wacky collection of newspaper articles involving unusual or large vegetables

Music: La Lupe’s “This is my mambo” remixed by Kim Devenish



Front row seats at birdland 46 min.   completed 2005

Takes a long lingering look at about 20 different types of birds that visit our birdbath and feed in the surrounding shrubs and trees. Filmed over 2 years, this film shows the world outside our window. A nature documentary in our back yard Music by Kim Devenish.

Narrated by Julie Constable and naturalist Bob McDonald.




Leg Dance   3’30’    2001

Collaborative effort with Julie Constable.   Kim and Julie demonstrate their new outdoor dance craze in a paddock.

 Music by Kim Devenish. Entered in the 15 / 15 film festival in 2002.

Watch Leg Dance




Ping Pong   2001   3 min

An impromptu finger puppet show performed by young Dusty and Max to the tune of Karl Beavis’s immortal song, “Ping Pong”






Book Covers Pt 1   3 min.   2003 

A quick look at the diverse artwork that is to be found on the covers of books, set to music by Kim Devenish.





Vegetable People  2003  10 min.

A close look at the entrants in the kids vegetable sculpture section at the 2003 Foster show. Music:

"Yelapa" - (Adam Ross)- The Adam Ross Reeds

"Wave" - (Jobim) - Antonio Carlos Jobim

"Buggy Boy" - (M Ben Juris / T Benny Lux) - Arabesque

"In a Persian Market" Enoch Light and his orchestra



Dragonfly. 2 min   2002

Close up look at a dragonfly hovering above a creek. Music by Kim Devenish




Kale’s Carousel  3’30”   2002

Super 8 footage of Kale’s Carousel in Sydney transferred to computer and edited to original music.




Christmas Eve in Foster  

2002   10 mins.

A look at the people in our local district at the 2002 Christmas Eve street party.




Strzelecki Lyrebirds  11 min.  2002

Peeks at the incredible songbirds in the Strzelecki forest. Made as part of a CD Rom in collaboration with Julie Constable




Strzelecki Forest Rally  

22 min  2003

Documenting the demonstration held by Gippslanders on the steps of the Victorian State parliament to try to save the Strzelecki Forests.. Speeches: Greens Senator Bob Brown, Strzelecki resident Julie Constable, Gunai Nation spokesperson Robbie Thorpe, Anthony Amis from Friends Of The Earth, Gavin McFazdean from The Wilderness Society and Nicky Moffat from Environment Victoria. As the speeches progress, the camera gazes at the collection of interesting faces in the crowd.





Harry The Miner        18’ 15”     2003

The saga of a statue, the human urge to build statues and the human urge to tear statues down. It’s a documentary with a lot of laughs and pathos.




The Latrobe Valley    6 min.    2003

Ageing heavy industry pouring steam into an already foggy sky on a drizzly day. Music by Kim Devenish







Our own private living nightmare

 11’41”    2003

A slow and dread filled drive along the road from Morwell to the Amcor Paper Mill at Maryvale accompanied by the impending doom of Vaughan Williams’ Sixth, as Julie and I reluctantly make our way to a meeting we are not looking forward to….





Echidna   4 min    2003

A close look at a remarkable Echidna as it trundles about hunting for ants and doing various other echidna things, striking some very cute poses in the process. Filmed at Morwell Nat. Park in the Strzelecki Ranges.



Fish Habitat movie

Approx. 30 min. Commissioned by the Corner Inlet Fisheries Habitat group, looks at the benefits of re-flooding drained swamps and the need to modify floodgates to restore fish habitat while protecting farm land from inundation. Narrated by Bob Macdonald